Everyone deserves to see the world clearly, comfortably and at its best!

Our products home pageAchieving optimal vision is largely dependent on your lens selection and as lenses generally look the same, we appreciate that it may be difficult to spot the differences.   Quality, design and lens material will greatly impact  the visual performance of a lens.  Your eyes deserve nothing but the best so we recommend Nikon lenses at Nicholas Vasiliou Optometrist.


Lenses are  available in three categories:

Single Vision

Single Vision lenses are prescribed to correct your vision at one focal length. Single vision lenses are prescribed for both long sightedness and short sightedness for everyday tasks such as reading and driving.  Read more about Nikon’s SEEMAX Single Vision Lenses.

Extended Focus

Extended focus lenses are designed to meet the visual needs of patients who spend significant time using a computer. These lenses offer excellent vision at both near and intermediate distances. Read more about Nikon’s Extended Focus Lenses.


Multi-focal or progressive lenses are prescribed to correct at least three focal distances. These lenses are prescribed to patients who have difficulties seeing at multiple distances (near, intermediate and far distances). Nikon allows a wide range of options that will deliver superior optical performance, better aesthetics and comfort, all within a single lens. Read more about Nikon’s Progressive Lenses.

Lens Options


As well as providing the maximum level of UV protection, Crizal UV Multicoat Lenses also offers protection against the 5 enemies of clear vision:

Reflections- Crizal UV lenses reduce the appearance of reflections to improve vision quality, confidence and comfort at all times.

Dust- Crizal UV lenses repel dust and dirt to ensure clear vision is achieved in all environments and weather conditions, and to help protect against scratching and damage.

Scratches- Crizal UV lenses enhance durability by being scratch resistance to protect you against everyday wear and tear.

Water- Crizal UV lenses repel water and most other liquids, so their surface remains as dry and clear as possible in wet conditions, providing the best vision possible.

Smudges- Crizal UV lenses disband grease and grime to reduce the appearance of smudges including fingerprints, so they stay cleaner for longer, are easy to wipe clean, making them hassle free to wear.

Read more about Crizal UV technology.


Photochromatic lenses (Transitions) are activated by UV light and darken according to the degree of sunlight. This option allows you to have your everyday pair and your sunglasses combined to the one multifunctional pair. Read more about Transitions Signature VII technology.

Thinner Lenses

Thinner lenses are recommended to those patients with moderate to high prescriptions. There are a variety of materials available depending on the strength of your prescription.  At Nicholas Vasiliou Optometrist, we will recommend the most suitable lens for you. Thinner lens will result in a lighter, flatter and slimmer lens design, all of which are a main feature of the Nikon lens range.