Eye Examination

Regular eye examination are essential for the early detection of ocular disease and vision complaints and are key in preventing blindness and vision loss. Consultations are generally bulk billed to Medicare and we provide instant health fund rebates. We recommend a regular eye examination every two years.

Eye Examination


During our eye exams, we do much more than just testing if your glasses or contact lenses are correct. Both of our practices use the latest in optical technology to ensure a high level of detail when testing the health of your eyes.

Digital Retinal Imaging - This technique allows us to take a digital image of the retina (the film of the eye) and monitor for any changes over time.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) - This non-invasive imaging test uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina, the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. This assists with the diagnosis and monitoring of serious eye diseases.

Eye Pressure Measurement - Measures the pressure inside your eyes to check for glaucoma; a painless condition where the pressure in the eye is too high.

Visual Field Testing - This involves the use of a highly sensitive machine to accurately monitor peripheral vision and detect glaucoma and neurological problems.

Corneal Topography -  Allows us to assess the shape of the cornea. It is vital for a full understanding of the focusing properties of the eye.

Anterior Eye Imaging- The highest level of detail of your cornea, iris, eyelids and sclera are digitally recorded and archived for monitoring of conditions like pterygium, freckles or pigmentation, dry eyes and ocular surface disorders.


In additional to regular eye examinations we also provide:

–        Contact Lens Assessment, Design, Fitting and Delivery

–        Children’s Eye Examination

–        Diabetic Eye Examination and Management

–        Cataract Evaluation and Management

–        Refractive Laser Surgery Assessment and Management

–        Drivers Licence Vision Assessments

–        Provider of Spectacles for Veteran Affairs Cardholders

–        Provider of Spectacles for Pensioners through MASS

No referral necessary!