Contact Lenses

At Nicholas Vasiliou Optometrist we offer a broad selection of contact lenses to suit a variety of purposes. Whether it is for every day wear, just for the weekend or for a special occasion, our optometrists will discuss the options that best suit your lifestyle.  With recent advances in design technology, contact lenses are now more comfortable, easier to care for and are more affordable.

Some of the options available to correct eyesight with contact lenses include:

–        Daily Disposable

–        Fortnightly Disposable

–        Monthly Disposable

–        Extended Wear Disposable

–        Multifocal Disposable

–        Conventional Soft Lenses

–        Conventional Multifocal Lenses

–        Gas Permeable Lenses

–        Custom Made Keratoconic

Please contact us for an appointment if you would like to try contact lenses!